Revoke his Man Card?

140 Yes
18 No

Revokee: Toby Keck

Reason For Revocation:

Purchased a mini chihuahua and carries it in his man purse.

This Man Card Revocation has been featured on the Revoked Report 020!

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  1. John Russell says:

    I’m guessing you haven’t heard of the latest great invention to attract the ladies.
    It’s “THE TROLLING BAG” brought to you by fisherman and inventor, “Pull’em in anyway you can”, Charles EdwardingtonGoldberg.

    Here’s how it works: Simply get an expensive bag (preferably leather, we don’t want to look Gay now do we). Place an adorable small animal inside leaving just it’s cute cuddly head sticking out the top. Now remember always go for the Puppy, Kitten, Hedgehog etc. you get the gist. Works every time our your money back. Happy Trolling!

    John Russell we’re done here!

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