not coming to the hockey game

Revoke his Man Card?

172 Yes
11 No

Revokee: Richard

Submitted By: The Boys

well i bought tickets to an Montreal Canadians verses Toronto maple leafs game $300 a piece and he said no because he had to hang out with girlfriend and go shopping worst part he did not even get laid


  1. Ramsey says:

    Dude this is just sad. I consider missing a game to be one of the greatest offenses any man can commit. Hell, I have season tickets to two teams and never miss a game. Man card totally revoked and someone should kick this guy in the nuts for good measure.

  2. B-Rad says:

    Ok…missing a Canadian hockey game is not as serious a violation, but they fact that he went shopping as an alternate activity is a most certain revocation.

  3. OT_Chiver says:

    A sad day when a man chooses to go shopping then go see toothless men fighting.

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