Misses party to give GF foot massage

Revoke his Man Card?

33 Yes
5 No

Revokee: Ryan Cohen

Reason For Revocation:

Ryan gives out a lame execuse that he can’t make it to my b-day party because his girlfriend told him that he has to stay with her for the night and give her a foot massage instead of celebrating my b-day along with me and playing beer pong and poker for the night.


  1. Paulie Be says:

    How’s about a comma or two, Mr. Victor? You’re right though, this Ryan Cohen character should submit a formal request to his girlfriend regarding the safe return of his testicles.

  2. John Russell says:

    You need to tell that split tail of yours, you got something she can rub and it ain’t your FEET!!
    John Russell I’m done here!

  3. Victor says:


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