Man Card & Drivers License, Hand Them Over

Revoke his Man Card?

62 Yes
0 No

Revokee Name: 30 Something Asian Guy

Submitted By: Simon

Reason for Revocation:
Monday morning, the highway. A 30 something Asian guy not only doing 20 under the limit but blissfully unaware he is driving on a flat tyre (tire in the USA).
A drivers side front flat tyre in a front wheel drive vehicle none the less. This not only calls for Man Card Revocation, but your drivers license and possibly testicles.

I can only assume that this young fellow (shut it, 30 is young) has chosen a diet of only milk and chicken for those 2 are laden with the female estrogen hormone.
Yes its only Monday and I’ve already cracked out mild racism, sexism and helped enforce social stereotypes… it’s going to be a good week.


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