Man braids really!

Revoke his Man Card?

23 Yes
10 No

Revokee: Bud

Submitted By: Ron

For allowing a girl to braid your hair. A real member of the mancard nation would NEVER under any circumstance allow this to be done. I am sadly disappointed to have to revoke his mancard for such an act of unmanly behavior.


  1. John Russell says:

    Ok, I think I need to weigh in here. Back in my hippie commune days we all had long hair
    and it always got braided by the hot commune chicks. Now if this Ron fellow thinks that some guy should do this for him, he my want to look in the mirror and revoke his own Man Card!

    John Russell, we’re done here.

    • Ron says:

      Thank goodness we are not back in your hippie days. Now while I’m sure you have tried to recall what it was like to have a hot girl do anything to you, Bud was getting his hair braided by his fifteen year old niece who happens to be my daughter. So I’m sure you can see how that changes the situation. Now as far as your comments as I do appreciate your participation I thought you might like all the facts.

      Ron, now we’re done here

  2. John Russell says:

    Ron thank you for your comments on my comment. I stand by my commune hippie days. However with this resent update you so kindly shared, you have a point we should
    revoke his man card!

    PS. Stop humping Poo Bear you have a 15 year old daughter for God sakes.
    John Russell, now we’re really done here!

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