LOST: Manhood

Revoke his Man Card?

97 Yes
25 No

Revokee: Tanner Bleedorn

Reason For Revocation:

Reasons for loss of Man Card:
1) This incriminating picture.
2) The gay hand motion and hand on hip pose that is so often repeated.
3) The excessive use of rainbow jimmies.
4) The pink flowery boxers.
5) You’re WHIPPED.

[Editors Note] This revocation was featured on the Revoked Report. To watch the video, click here [/editors note]


  1. Tom says:


    I was with you, man. I was saying “no, Tanner does not need his Man Card Revoked! So what, he wears a onesie to bed and likes Star Wars a little too much.” Then, my good man, I read the pink boxers bit. Sorry sir, but I can’t defend you on those. Revoked!

  2. George says:


    I have known you for a few years now and I have a very unfortunate truth for you…..

    You deserved to have your man card revoked. The only thing that has changed from this video first coming out and now is that you don’t overuse sprinkles.

    In your defense, onesies and lightsabers are both awesome in their own way.

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