Revoke his Man Card?

67 Yes
6 No

Revokee Name: Adam Longshore

Submitted By: Justin Hensley

Reason for Revocation:
This Christmas I bought the men in my family Official Man Cards. Not 5 minutes after receiving his man card Adam gave his brother a scarf that he knitted all by himself.

What’s even worse is he couldn’t make it out of cool material like 550 paracord. Nope he had to use brown yarn.

So men of OMC do your duty and revoke his man card.


  1. John Russell says:

    The only thing manly here is the color brown. Its the color of shit which is what should be beat out of him. He must, at this point, earn his Man Card back. I say he buys a keg-O-beer for all surrounding real Men to enjoy. So Justin go get the keg!!!! Now send the video to the Guys at, I am sure they would put it up on the website. I have submitted stuff and they have put it up, there cool like that.

  2. Simon says:

    Knitting may one day save your life … until that day, REVOKED!

    Could you get him to Knit that into a sweater?

  3. You know I probably could… But he has already shown such unmanly things I don’t feel I could contribute to that by giving him ideas that involve something so unmanly.

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