It’s tea, deal with it

Revoke his Man Card?

52 Yes
2 No

Revokee: Fred D.

Reason For Revocation:

When given Raspberry Iced Tea instead of the unsweetened one ordered, my friend recoiled in horror waved his hands in front of his face and pissed and moaned about it for a minute. He then flagged the server and requested a new tea and made gay faces while explaining to the server it was raspberry. When the new tea arrived, he took a sip and repeated the entire drama over again. He once again flagged down the server, reported the error with the same facial expressions as before. The server returned once again with another tea, told him he drained the lines and once again my friend replayed the exact same scene. He then just asked for water. It was very disturbing to see a grown man behave in such a way.


  1. Dr Jason Webb says:

    Being a doctor of medicine I can understand the physical and psychological reactions to having accidentally ingesting a liquid or solid not expected. I can thoroughly understand the victims reaction and quite seriously believe he demonstrated restraint in not vomiting on the spot or at the very least hurling the drink at his “friend” who obviously set him up.

    I would NOT recommend revoking his man card but instead issuing him as many SWAG points as possible for standing up for his simple request that was denied three times!

    Dr. Jason Webb M.D.

  2. Scott Just says:

    He is a good family man with solid moral values. If his tea wasn’t right with acceptable with gods help he would get his tea delivered as ordered.

    I know him to be a man of god, and he believes that With gods help all things are possible.

  3. John Russell says:

    I like my tea like I like my women SWEET and baked in the sun.
    John Russell we’re done here!

  4. Trevor Sharpe says:

    “made gay faces”


  5. joshwhittington says:

    What kinda man drinks raspberry iced tea.

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