Incident #680

Revoke his Man Card?

59 Yes
2 No

Revokee: Jason Sobey

Reason For Revocation:

On December 5th 2012, the accused went to a cinema to watch the new “Twilight” film. And to make things worse, the accused made a Facebook post saying that “Twilight was not bad”.

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  1. Simon says:

    Jack I need you do something that may be slightly uncomfortable for you but necessary. I need you to go over to your friend Jason and do a sack check. like a ninja doctor I need you to cup & cough your buddy to make sure his balls are still in place.

    If they are then REVOKED! If however they are MIA then help him, help your friend locate his balls. start with his girlfriends handbag and if he has no girlfriend check his mothers.

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