Inappropriate reaching for a NoNo Spot

Revoke his Man Card?

33 Yes
1 No

Revokee: Vampy

Submitted By: Concern Taggers

Reason for Revocation:

Being away on a trip in Boston with fellow Taggers, it was Vampy’s use of his hands that were of concern.

The position of his hands when dancing and hopping around like a bunny.

And whenever a picture was taking he had to jump in to have his hand reaching for his friends “NoNo” Spots.

We’ve attached one of the “cleaner” “NoNo” spot reaches.

We nominate Vampy to have his Man’s Card revoked for the wrong sex NoNo spot reaching!!!

[Judges Note: We may nominate the submitter for failure to attached photo mentioned in revocation. Also for using the phrase “No No Spot” 3 goddamn times in a revocation.]


  1. Tom says:

    I second the judges remarks, what the hell is a “No No Spot”? Like Sean Connery says, “Remember kids, 48 “no’s” and one “yes” is a yes!”

  2. Trevor Sharpe says:

    Technically it’s 4 times the phrase “NoNo Spot” appears, if you count the title. :p

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