Immediate Revocation Needed

Revoke his Man Card?

76 Yes
1 No

Revokee Name: sooner1028

Submitted By: lmtrapping

Reason for Revocation:
sooner1028 failed to go fishing with friends so he could stay home watching sissy movies with girlfriend. What makes it worse is he painted her finger nails while watching the movies.


  1. Simon says:

    I’m not justifying his actions but the answer to the following question would defiantly impact on the severity of his offence; did he score from this Man Card revocable offence?

  2. Carlos says:

    Not scoring would almost be cause to cancel the man card methinks.

  3. Ramsey says:

    The staying in and watching movies is fine, hell that sounds like a great day for me. The death blow for this guy is doing his girl friend’s nails, cmon man have some self respect.

  4. Mike says:

    Was she naked when he was doing it?

  5. OT_Chiver says:

    Yeah… he needs to go.

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