Hand Over Your Balls

Revoke his Man Card?

44 Yes
16 No

Revokee Name: Ryan White

Submitted By: Fred

Reason for Revocation:
While taking with Ryan, I used the line “Going to the mattresses” in the conversation. Ryan then proceeded to give me a blank look and ask what “going to the mattresses” meant. I told him it was from The Godfather, he said he never heard of it. He is 31. Men, hold him down, kick his ass, and take his man card.


  1. Justin P says:

    Dude, don’t be so quick to revoke, yes kick his ass but sit him down and show him ALL the Godfathers, and then Goodfellas. That should be a good education.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    Screw that, hes a 31 yr old male. Has he been under a rock his entire life that he has NEVER HEARD of The Godfather?!?! Even I know that quote, its right up there with another classic line from the original “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”

    I know it was you Ryan. You broke my heart, you broke my heart!


  3. I didn’t remember the quote. But I haven’t seen that movie in a long long time. People don’t all remember the same quotes. It all depends on the people you hang out with and the parts they like the most. Now I will say that you need to tie him to a chair and make him watch all of them asap. But revoking his mancard I don’t really feel like its strong enough.

  4. Fred says:

    I was raised on The Godfather movies, which is probably why I reacted so strongly. He and I will be taking a day to watch them all (yes, even Part III) so that I may show him that those movies hold the answers to any questions a person may have. Thankfully, he has seen The Goodfellas, so I can’t be pissed at him for that. He has a lot of man-movies to watch though, never even hearing of Leon the Professional.

  5. Has he at least seen the expendables? You know the movie that will give you a 3rd nut if your a guy or chest hair if your a girl.

  6. Fred says:

    I own The Expendables. Want a good idea of my friend Ryan? Just think of Stu in The Hangover, thats pretty much him.

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