Glee = Revocation

Revoke his Man Card?

41 Yes
5 No

Revokee Name: John Hallet

Submitted By: Scott

Reason for Revocation:
For watching Glee and admitting to liking it.


  1. Xavi says:

    this reminds me of simon…. REVOKED!

  2. Sergio says:

    this may be bad and I am willing to take some shit if I receive a revocation but Glee is perfectly acceptable to me. Somehow the creators made a musical cool. We all remember what high school is like and its Glee. Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester is one of the greatest characters on TV. you have jocks, sex, quite a few hotties in very revealing clothes, bisexual cheerleaders, a killer soundtrack that offers more rock tracks than what you might think of as “classic musical numbers”. My fellow men I challenge you to tune in to one episode and tell me Glee is not acceptable. Every single man on this site can relate to at least one character on Glee. So no revocation..

  3. Simon says:

    Wow 2 revocations for the same crime … Stand back guys, I’ll handle this one… In what seems like another life many, many months ago now I was faced with revocation for admitting to having watched Glee (past tence, no revoke). This revokation of my Man Card helped me admit the error of my ways (never admit to watching having watched Glee) and become a better Official Man Card holder after leading me to find the Official Man Card Dot Com, the rest as they say is history.

    James Roy, admitting to watching Glee is a slippery slope to revocation unless backed up with a flawless reason for doing so and in order to keep your Man Card Sir I invite you to comment in your defence or submit to revocation and perform an act worthy of redemption.

    James Roy, what says you?

    Surge, in an open forum like this, you’re on your own dude.

  4. Sergio says:

    let me put it like this yeah I watch Glee, I dare anyone to take my man card and I will show you what years of MMA training can do. I gave very valid reasons for doing so…I repeat bi-sexual cheerleaders…covers of KISS songs, Van Halen songs, Journey songs, and many I will fight to keep my man card and that has to count for something…oh wait before I go when I watch Glee my future wife gives me the happy business…so yeah wins all around

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