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Revoke his Man Card?

29 Yes
0 No

Revokee Name: Tim Whyte

Submitted By: James Rutherford

Reason for Revocation:
Tim use to show me pictures of women in various levels of dress, and now i get to see pictures of his new porch furniture and the flowers he has planted, I know men change when they get married but come on this is a level I have never seen


  1. Sergio says:

    whoo…this is definitely worthy of a revocation I agree that if a man get married there is some things that needs to change. However giving his balls to his wife to put in a purse is not one of them. flowers, patio furniture (unless its a hammock or some form of grill) is strictly forbidden.

  2. Pete says:

    whats wrong with patio furniture, what the hell are you ganna be sitting on when your drinking a beer then or eating a steak fresh from the barbie

  3. Carlos says:

    A man being proud of his new outdoor setting is fine, pictures of his garden are not.

    Need a split vote here.

  4. Sergio says:

    Pete patio furniture is perfectly acceptable to own…not show off. Now the only acceptable way for a man to show off patio furniture is if he is passed out with a beer in hand while the wife takes the picture this way he has plausible deniability for any flowery patterns or shit like that.

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