Crying during a lap dance.

Revoke his Man Card?

100 Yes
13 No

Revokee: Scott Watkins

Submitted By: Justin Rice

went to a titty bar in wyoming and cred during the lap dance cause he missed his ex wife……


  1. Simon says:

    I cried during a lap dance once, but it was because my brother took my visa and amex away from me and told me I wasn’t allowed any more. – tales from the spearmint rhino, OMC 2010 Vegas trip

  2. Sergio says:

    Crying during a lapdance what kind of fucked up brain is on this guy?? Now I would understand crying if the girls all were fat and had stretch marks but because of an ex wife..dude she is an ex wife for a reason…this is some serious bullshit right here…fucking crying during a lapdance is not only a fail as a man…but a fail as a human being…

  3. Bran says:

    I question the revocation here. If a stripper grinding on you reminds you of your ex, there must be certain aspects about your ex that are redeeming. Crying over lost perfect a$$, death of big old hero dog, or football based drama, I believe, is acceptable manly behavior. We would need more invormation on the a$$ in question.

  4. Sergio says:

    Bran, sorry man, Man Law states that a man should never cry over a bitch…he must simply move on to the next one…if the stripper whore reminded him of his ex wife he should have manned up and took the stripper home.

  5. justin says:

    no its nothing his ex wife has done…he fucked that up….he cryed cause he was but hurt she kicked his ass to the curb…and then went and cryed to her like it was his fault he can man it up……hes a bitch

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