C’mon Man…

Revoke his Man Card?

13 Yes
30 No

Revokee: Matt

Reason For Revocation:

Posting the following Facebook Status: “It’s hard not to think how great the day will be when Emmet wakes up smiling and laughing.”


  1. John Russell says:

    There is no greater joy than being a good father to the fruit of your loins. If you think otherwise your fruit has spoiled.
    John Russell, I’m done here!

  2. Tim Griffith says:

    As you All know, the simple act of getting married brings immediate revocation of the man-card.
    There is also no question that becoming a sire is indeed a manly act and you need not be present to win!
    However, posting the drivel mentioned above is distinctly un-manly behavior.
    It’s okay to feel the pride and joy.
    It’s a totally different subject to make an unsolicited display of same.

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