Candy Ass

Revoke his Man Card?

15 Yes
46 No

Revokee Name: Oscar

Submitted By: Josh

Reason for Revocation:
Oscar’s got a problem. He likes candy, and not in the normal, healthy way. No, he’s more of a “eat cookies until I throw up or feel like I want to die” kind of guy. The worst part is, he doesn’t even drink! Every time we go out with the guys he brings his own box of something sweet and sits there, watching us play Rock Band chomping away. Revoke his man card already!


  1. You want to revoke his mancard for eating a lot of cookies? I don’t see how this is a good reason to do so. And yeah not so sure about the drinking thing but by the way it sounds to me is that your friend is addicted to cookies and if he were to drink he would probably become an excessive drinker and who knows maybe kill someone.

    So I will say no.

  2. Tom says:

    Normally I’d say revocation is in order, but I have to side with Justin here.

    We may turn a dime on you and revoke all your Man Cards for being a bunch of men sitting in a basement playing rock band!

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