Bubble Pussies

Revoke his Man Card?

48 Yes
16 No

Revokee Name: Jorge Feria & Tom Morton

Submitted By: Xavi

Reason for Revocation:
both of these fags decided to sing along to michael bubble songs while on a beer run with the boys… completely unnaceptable


  1. Sergio says:

    While I expect this type of shit from Tom…Jorge I am a little surprised about….that being said…musical taste is a hard revocable offense I mean if they had been singing Justin Bieber songs(which Tom has indeed done) then I would agree revocation is in order..BUT…Michael Buble is more refined and is kind of a modern throwback to Sinatra (i.e. Big Band music) I cannot, nor will not hate on that. therefore revocation denied.

  2. I’m gonna vote no. I had to look up the music to find out how I would vote… Not really my style but NOT Bieber so that can slide. And while on a beer run which means they are planning on doing manly things through the night. So I am with Sergio on the no revoke.

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