Adam Stovall

Revoke his Man Card?

31 Yes
1 No

Revokee Name: Adam Stovall

Submitted By: Andy Williams

Reason for Revocation:
Shaving legs
Wearing Girly cap
Getting a manicure
Getting rug-burn from Bubba


  1. Simon says:

    Just to get things started I want to ignore the first 3 items on the revocation list and head straight to the last one and ask what the hell is “Getting rug burn from bubba”

    Andy Williams, please elaborate?
    Adam Stovall, please explain?

    Getting a manicure was a hard reason for revocation to ignore but my curiosity on “Getting rug burn from bubba”got the better of me; however this action alone without some bloody fast talking on your part Adam is in its self all I need to say REVOKED.

  2. Sergio says:

    ok off the top in this picture you posted he appears to be in front of a swimming pool…is Adam a swimmer? if so male swimmers do shave their legs to be faster in the pool, and this “girly” cap you are referring to is that the swim cap? and finally today’s man can get a manicure as long as there is no paint or glittery shit applied bet there is nothing wrong with good grooming methods as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Now if those are not the reason for those actions I vote in favor of revocation…and I am with Simon on the rug burn from bubba part…

    • Nick says:

      Sergio revoked for saying “todays men” sorry im a man everyday and the only ok reason allowable for manicure and pedicure is after you are done killing and u are trying to get the blood out from under your nails

  3. Xavi says:

    i personally cant make a knowledgeable decision without more details… wtf if rug burn by bubba? did he get arrested and became someone’s bitch in prison? if thats the case then that explains his latter behavior… if not then more is needed

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