3rd Violation in less than 24 hrs!?!

Revoke his Man Card?

8 Yes
0 No

Revokee: Matthew L. Detillion

Reason For Revocation:

we regret to inform you, that you have exceeded the number of violations allowed, to retain your Official ManCard. Violation, (goes without saying really, but for Clerical accuracy, the violation is as follows.

“Angelina Jolie isn’t a homewrecker, it was his thoughts that wrecked that home…”

“His”, referring to Brad, whom holds The Official Mancard #0000027.
Thats just messed up dude. However, in order to reinstate your Official Mancard, you must do something, or someone, extremely manly within a 36 hour timeperiod, starting now. (21:00 Hrs, Wednesday, March 24th, 2019).

Good luck, and Godspeed!
-Chuckles Official Mancard #0000002


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