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  • wrote a new post, Likes dresses 10 years ago

    Revokee: Brent Scudder Submitted by: Jonathan Gingiloski Reason for Revocation: In the midst of discussing the evolution of Lamborghini’s cars he sends me a link and says “I don’t know why, but I think that’s the coolest dress in the world.” Me:”what?” Brent: “You don’t think it’s a cool looking design on it?” […]

  • Revokee: Garret Broussard Submitted by: Kerry Townson Reason for Revocation: A former resident of New Orleans, he watched a soccer game instead of the Saints vs. Vikings gridiron war.

  • wrote a new post, Buy it already… 10 years ago

    Revokee: Jim Webb Submitted by: Lee Ratify Reason for Revocation: He has his wife’s “permission” to buy a LCD tv but can’t pull the trigger!! Man up sissy boy!!!

  • wrote a new post, Possible Wussiness 10 years ago

    Revokee: Rick Yarber Submitted by: The Man Reason for Revocation: Possibly drinking a bottle of “Italian Wine” with a girl, no matter the circumstances.

  • Revokee: Barack Obama Submitted by: Dale Gribble Reason for Revocation: Just check out this link and you will undestand… Look at his wifes expression. Even she’s thinking “Damn I Think he’s got a gay”


  • wrote a new post, Gay Coffee 10 years, 1 month ago

    Revokee: Spanky Submitted by: Dale Gribble Reason for Revocation: Spanky admitted on the open and public interwebz that he drinks and I quote “Drinking a Starbucks Doubleshot… looks like an old Coors tall boy”

  • Revokee: Martin Hurtado Submitted by: Corey Johnson Reason for Revocation: Did not have said Man Card in his possession (AGAIN) and drinks girlie drinks! Who’s sucking who’s titty now?

  • Revokee: Corey Johnson Submitted by: Martin Hurtado Reason for Revocation: Corey admitted to a fellow card holder that not only did his wife make him get a hair she picked it out! MY MOM STOP PICKING MY HAIR CUTS AT 6 yrs. old! BE A MAN!

  • Revokee: Daniel Submitted by: Simon Reason for Revocation: Walking past a Robbie Williams stand @ the local music store Dan, very confidently & with conviction in his voice pointed @ the latest album & stated “He’s Back”. Instantly asked to hand over his man card he then said “What? He’s Manly”. Handing him a shovel we told him […]

  • Revokee: Brandon Kielkouski Submitted by: Dan Tolbert Reason for Revocation: Brandon just openly admitted that he does not know how to drive shift, the ultimate male taboo. Any man that exists MUST be able to drive stick, even if he can’t, and if a man can’t then he must admit it. […]

  • Revokee: Alan Submitted by: Scott Reason for Revocation: My boss, Alan, made me saty late at work, even though I informed him that I had a limited amount of time to get home to my wife and another woman waiting for me in the bedroom.

  • wrote a new post, Cry baby 10 years, 1 month ago

    Revokee: jjjklkjklkj Submitted by: jkjkjkjsdfaoiduhf Reason for Revocation: Crying at the orchestra show!

  • wrote a new post, Lady Gaga 10 years, 1 month ago

    Revokee: Brandon Franzel Submitted by: Jonathan Gingiloski Reason for Revocation: He would not stop rambling about how good Lady Gaga is. Asking me what I’m doing on the 12th of January so I can go see a Lady Gaga show with him was it though.

  • wrote a new post, (no title) 10 years, 1 month ago

    Revokee: Submitted by: Reason for Revocation:

  • Revokee: Pance Submitted by: Dave Reason for Revocation: According to his wife, he doesn’t last any longer than 20 seconds in bed. One pump, and he’s dumped. No joke.

  • Revokee: Martin Hurtado Submitted by: Corey Johnson Reason for Revocation: 1st he failed a challenge to finish his jalapeno… wuss! 2nd he would not recognize being revoked!

  • wrote a new post, FB Elfelf 10 years, 1 month ago

    Revokee: Rob coutts Submitted by: Geo Brown Reason for Revocation: Rob, Rob, Rob…
    We now have little doubt about you and your cats…

  • Revokee: Tiger Woods Submitted by: James Joseph Reason for Revocation: Only goes out with white women. Where’s the asian and black hotties? You have to be an equal opportunity player to be man. Man Card REVOKED!

  • Revokee: Nicholas Campanini Submitted by: Morman Lee Earthanyu Reason for Revocation: Playing Sally’s Salon (http://www.gamehouse.com/download-games/sallys-salon/); a click-and-drag computer game where you style hair, paint nails, and spray fake tans. What’s worse is that he was unable to beat this game obviously made for 10 year old girls.

  • Revokee: Sergio rodriguez Submitted by: Juan Villalobos Reason for Revocation: For carriing your girlfriends purse

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