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  • This engineering student came up with the bright idea to design a bra which prevents a woman’s Tatas from jiggling, bouncing up and down and even making hard nips go bye bye. Prompting myself and men everywhere to […]

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    I did vote to have him revoked for skipping out on bros night out but i will however give some points for sending his bitch to fetch his dinner because that shit is kinda boss.

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    Damn, someone get this dude a midol and some pads.

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    Damn son! Use your teeth to open that shit!

  • Alright guys, The one and only Sergio is back this week with another Thinkgeek Manly Product of the Month. This month we’re featuring the Tailgater Portable iPhone Sound System . With this bad boy, you become the DJ with a powerful 20W sound system that is battery powered! Is the crowd getting out of control at the […]

  • yes Kai it can stream music from your smartphone, I wouldn’t exactly call it practical for it though. The one ear listening kinda gives you that mono feeling.

  • yes, yes and more yes….I love me some Jessica Biel!

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    greatest movie of all time. period.

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    Revokee Name: Jarrett Johnson Submitted By: Sergio Reason for Revocation: Ok, so my brother Jarrett a balls to the wall marine who served two tours became involved with a young woman…(make no mistake she is pretty awesome) but while talking to me the other night he stated that he had to go because he just wanted to hear her […]

  • I love me some Michelle Trachenberg but Tom once again I have to wonder about your apparent sexual de-orientation you may be the only man on earth that remembers Harriet the Spy…wtf dude…do we have to revoke your man card yet again…wait till Hue Jass hears about this…

  • ThumbnailLast year we introduced you to a man who surfed over sharks. Simon our fearless Aussie writer mentioned that his man card can never be taken, or revoked. Well leave it to Chuck Patterson to raise that bar of awesomeness to legendary levels with his current stunt. Mr. Patterson decided to take some skis and go surfing with […]

  • Simon…you sir have posted sheer genius right here…it makes me want to take back all the Aussie/Gay Jokes I say to you during our staff meetings…but I won’t…just on principal alone haha

  • ThumbnailWe’ve all seen that guy walking around talking to himself wearing a Bluetooth headset and instantly thought to ourselves “what a tool”. Sadly most of us at one time or another may have to wear a headset while on the phone, when driving due to state law for example, and therefore at some point we have […]

  • OK I don’t know what is more depressing…the fact that Simon sent another man balls…or the fact that Bud put them up to his chin afterwards. To me that is worthy of a double revocation for both gents. Tom I must say that I was impressed that you weren’t trying to juggle those things…I mean […]

  • Oh Olivia how I wish you would just go away now…no really go away please…you are not even that hot anyways.

  • ThumbnailDonuts are often considered the perfect food. So how do you make perfection better? Simple let Jordan Zweigoron of Psycho Donuts get a hold of them. Because under Jordan’s manly hands things like bacon, cereal, pretzels, and whatever you can think of as epic deliciousness will be added to Psycho Donuts. Psycho Donuts was founded because donut […]

  • Thumbnail The Lonely Island is an American comedy troupe composed of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg, best known for its musical parodies. The group is from Berkeley, CA, and is currently based in New York City. The group began creating live comedy skits in junior high school and continued to do so, expanding its […]

  • there is a few revocations in this comment section…just saying.

  • While I expect this type of shit from Tom…Jorge I am a little surprised about….that being said…musical taste is a hard revocable offense I mean if they had been singing Justin Bieber songs(which Tom has indeed done) then I would agree revocation is in order..BUT…Michael Buble is more refined and is kind of a modern […]

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