White Wolf @corey ?

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was crazy busy most of the year and then fired (after working 70+ hours a week for those bastards). Now bored and broke – yea! View
  • Tom posted on the forum topic Sexy Ladies in the group Man Card Members: 8 years ago

    Woah, Both @jorgef and @corey have thrown up some damn sexy girls. Jorge, where’d you find her!?

    Not to be outdone, heres a redbull hottie I found for a post we did.

    : I just looked at this picture again. Is that Miley Cyrus grown up!?

    Red Bull Girl

  • We do to, but I have to ask @corey… How is it you’ve seen all of these? Is there surveillance in your office bathrooms that someone doesn’t know about? If so…wheres the feed man!?