The Tuesday Hook up: LEGO Madness

Lego Terminator – T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800
LEGO Head Lamp – LEGO minifig LED Head Lamp from the NeatoShop
LEGO Harry Potter – LEGO Batman, LEGO Indiana Jones and LEGO Star Wars have all had a game now its Harrys turn
A LEGO ATM – Damn it, I only ever made LEGO cars & Planes as a kid
Lego Mindstorms Robot Plays Tetris – Still can’t get a beer from the fridge
LEGO Chess Set – Flickr gallery of a 10cm Sq 12×12 stud, useable chess set
LEGO Radio Alarm Clock – HELL NO! waking up is for afternoons
Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen – LEGO animation to Eddie Izzard’s comic scetch
LEGO Spider from Doctor Mobius – Jason Ruff / Doctor Mobius’s arachnophobic LEGO creation
LEGO Model Bridge – Model of the Pennybacker (360) Bridge in Austin, TX

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film
Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you’re a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this. Great ideas just CL!CK.

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