The OMC Pick of FridayTrailer’s May 28, 2010

This week’s OMC pick of takes a look at the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship with the Justin Long & Drew Barrymore romantic comedy “Going the Distance“. What?, I can say romantic when talking about a movie and keep my Man Card if I add comedy straight after it, I can so. It works on other films as well like Dracula, that one is a romantic horror, see and I keep my Man Card, suck it. As I’m not a fan of Drew Barrymore’s I can honestly say that for Going the Distance its going to be the combination of Justin Long and Charlie Day that will make me giggle and long time love interest Christina Applegate (why won’t you return my calls?) to give me something nice to look at on screen. Still hung up on the romantic thing, watch the trailer and tell me if you didn’t giggle at least twice.

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  1. Tom says:

    Son of a bitch Simon! I log on to Ye Olde’ Man Card site today, see a romantic comedy trailer and a light bulb sparks to life. “Finally,” I exclaim, “I’ve got more reasons to revoke Simons Man Card!”. Then I read the entire post. I laughed, “Bah! Like I’ll actually giggle at a romantic comedy!”. Then I watched it. Damn you sir, for dodging another revocation bullet.

    Also, Christina Applegate is gorgeous . That is all.

  2. Ramsey says:

    Pretty lame. In order to redeem your man card you need to post the trailer to the new A Team movie.

  3. Xavi says:

    there will only be one mr t i don’t care how many remakes of the a team there are

  4. Simon says:

    Ram, are you sure you understand how this segment works?

    If the A-Team trailer was new, and posted on we’d all be sitting here working out how to get our own A-Team truck and flipping for driving rights. However, we are not because it was not and so I had to work with what was available … and be honest Sir, you laughed at Charlie Day and then again at the end bit I like to call “Dinner and a Show” with a bit of sexy time on the table… while he is eating… his dinner… they are the show… that bit… “Dinner and a Show”

  5. Carlos says:

    I refuse to watch a romantic comedy trailer. Despite being on Friday trailers, the term romantic comedy should be more than enough not to click.

    On principle “Revoked” is the only term appropriate.

    You redeemed yourself with the Father Christmas vid though.

  6. Ramsey says:

    Granted there was one comical moment, but that doesnt negate how unbearable the rest of the trailer was.

  7. Sergio says:

    Sorry to break up the pissing contest boys but I have to say this. Romantic comedies do not hurt your man card status. Romantic comedies are the secret tool to the real man, a way to secure booty tapping privileges and not want to stab one’s eye out repeatedly. Look at it like this when you have a significant other and its her turn to see a movie (come on fellas we can’t pick every movie) and she say’s “honey I am not in the mood for shit blowing up tonight.” Would you rather have to sit through a “Dear John or that “T” movie or go see something with some form of comedy in it to satisfy the men in us? Furthermore I think we should thank Simon for this weeks FridayTrailer because now we have a heads up on a movie that would be acceptable viewing come August and we wont be caught by surprise when she gets us back for all the action flicks this summer has to offer.

  8. Ramsey says:

    Agree with Surge here, romantic comedies are a reality men must tolerate. I just dont like Justin Long or Drew Barrymore, neither sit well with me. Is it just me or is it every time we see Christina Applegate do we think back to Married With Children? Ahh the good ole days

  9. White Wolf says:

    I was overall accepting the use of ‘romantic’ as it was followed by ‘comedy’… however I am with Tom on the use of ‘giggle’…

    Tread lightly Simon. Oh, and you should experience more of the Drew. At least a few good internet pic searches.

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