The OMC 4 Track: Miami Horror

The Skinny:

Miami Horror is DJ/Producer electro-pop act Benjamin Plant from Melbourne, Australia. Miami Horror’s live incarnation is a four-piece act comprising of DJ Benjamin Plant, Josh Moriarty on guitar, Aaron Shanahan on drums and Daniel Whitechurch on keys, guitar and bass guitar. Miami Horror’s lists of musical influences stretch across the 1970s and ’80s with artists such as Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Kool and the gang, AIR, Jackson 5, ELO, Fleetwood mac, Steve Miller, New Order and Rick James (Bitch!) to name just a few.
Making a commercial debut back in 2008 with the five-track EP “Bravado”, Miami Horror has a debut album due out later this year.

“The debut album feels as if it’s a sequel to the first album that never happened. We have completely bypassed the first indie electro album people may have expected and come up with a much more forward thinking, melodic and innovative album. Although still with many dancey tracks and with electronic based production, we tried a lot of new things including adding many live and guitar elements while steering away from any one particular current sound.” – Benjamin Plant [1]

The Sounds

Moon Theory
Summerfest ’86 (live)

[1] – Source

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