Saving Beer Could Cost You Your Job

According to a story in the Columbia Tribune, two city employees of the Columbia, Missouri Solid Waste Division who were alerted to hundreds of cases of recently expired beer dumped in the city landfill may lose their jobs and face criminal charges because they removed/Saved about 50 cases for them selves.

1,500 cases of expired beer was delivered in two shipments to a landfill. consisting mostly of cans of Budweiser and some Michelob Ultra, said Scheppers President Joe Priesmeyer, and was delivered in two shipments.
The first half was destroyed by landfill crews upon delivery. The second load, roughly 700 cases, remained intact.

Unfortunately for our Beer saviours anything left at a landfill officially becomes city property, by removing/saving the Beer destined for destruction these city employees were technically stealing. One of the employees has already resigned and both may face criminal charges and yet those board members of the banks who were bailed out by the government and kept their “Bonuses” were not stealing? and are not facing criminal charges? I think some man cards are in question over at the Columbia, Missouri Solid Waste Division.



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