Munchkin Chuckin' Rules and Regulations


This St. Patricks day, we want you all to have fun. We want you to get drunk and send us photos and video and leave us voice mail on our hotline. Hell short of coming to my house and burning it down, I want to see you guys have fun! With that being said, I wanted to address a more serious issue of This great green holiday, Dwarf Tossing. While this sport is a long time honored tradition on St. Patties Day, it is also dangerous. While we don’t propose outlawing such a great and time honored tradition, we figured we should help spread the rules around. Below are the abridged rules of Dwarf Tossing.

The Aim of the Game
Simple, the person who throws the dwarf furthest wins.

Specialized Equipment Needed in order to Successfully Throw a Dwarf
One mattress (soft and clean)
One Dwarf (willing)
Harness with a handle (as a throwing aid)
Safety equipment

Stay Manly My Friends…

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