Miatas and Man Cards

Tommy, random Man-blogger of the day, wrote up a funny article on “Miata Cars and Man Cards”, giving us proper Man Card links. He also threw together a quick list of revocable unmanly acts which we thought were pretty funny:

  • Keeping a reasonably clean and orderly apartment while at college.
  • Watching ice skating
  • Crying while watching a tear jerking moment on TV whether it’s Terms of Endearment or an epic sports victory like Olympic gold for an athlete. My wife enjoys this immensely.
  • Taking Lamaze classes with the expecting wife
  • Sewing on rogue buttons, hemming my pants, washing and ironing my clothes
  • Watching “House Hunters” or “Color Splash” with the wife on a football Sunday
  • Turning down a keg-stand opportunity
  • Wearing a light blue or pink shirt
  • Helping women pick out wallpaper
  • Making a grocery store run for the wife for products only a woman can use
  • Going to a chick–flick like “The Notebook”
  • I don’t own a gun
  • Using a hair care product.
  • Blogging – I say this as blogging seems to be much more prevalent among women than men

Check out his blog at TommyCantHearYou.BlogSpot.com, and throw a comment his way. Let him know Official Man Card sent you!

Edit: Tommy Himself pointed out we linked to his homepage, and we should link you guys to the actual post as well. Here ya go! http://tommycanthearyou.blogspot.com/2009/10/miata-cars-and-man-cards.html

Stay Manly My Friends.

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  1. T Foster says:

    Thanks for the shout out Tom. There are still a lot of manly men out there struggling with the Miata issue. However, your link in the post above has your man-card men landing on my home page as opposed to the article so I have included a direct link in the website link just above. Stay manly, T

  2. Tom says:


    Thanks for the comment! Just updated the post to include the direct link, appreciate you catching that.

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