InfoMania’s Music Intervention Gets The OMC Seal of Approval

InfoMania’s Miley Cyrus, Please Stop: Music Intervention video is right on the money for telling the little Miley exactly how it is and how it should be and its funny as hell to boot. InfoMania you get The OMC Seal of Approval, we hope you keep up the good work doing what it is that you do.

Surge Say’s

“Miley if you ask most guys they would tell you that there is nothing sexy about birds..they chirp all the time, shit everywhere, and don’t even get me started on what a pain in the ass feathers are to pick up. I don’t want to be trying to lay pipe on you and have one of those fucking wings pop up to kill my wood because I got reminded of Big Bird! So next time you want to be sexy for gods sake don’t take your cue from Sesame Street! Maybe use something that us men actually can relate to like beer commercials…funny, half naked, short…or just pick up one of the many Man approved publications such as Maxim, FHM, or Playboy for ideas. My name is Surge and on behalf of the I support InfoMania’s OMC Seal of Approval“.

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