Dead Xbox Appropriate Packaging

So over the weekend my barely used Xbox 360 “Elite” (Microsoft code for paint it black and charge more) decided it no longer wanted to power up and instead turn into a mini red light district by “red ringing”. Tempted as I was to throw it through a wall, stand over its busted remains screaming “How do you like me now, BITCH” I remembered my anger management classes (thanks Mum & Dad your Christmas gifts keep on giving) and refrained. Well the universe is not without balance and a sense of humour, Check out what was sitting in my inbox Monday morning (I know its Wednesday, Yes I’m lazy, Stop judging me!).

It’s a coffin, for your dead Xbox … HA! Screw you Microsoft and your shyte hardware this guy (Alexis Vanamois) has gone and made something frustrating and annoying rather humorous… It certainly made me laugh. Now to sit on the phone with Massive Shyte and try to get this thing repaired.

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  1. Tom says:

    You know, this was funny, until I realized we’re on Xbox number 3 here at the office. Damn Microsoft and their “shyte” hardware, as @simon puts it!

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