Australian researchers discover a sixth taste: Fat

Over at they have posted a finding by Australian researchers who claim they have discovered a sixth taste: Fat!!!!!
I must resist the urge to make a lude comment along the lines of “I’ve got a fat for you to taste right here” <insert motion to ones crotch>… I’m above that.

Well, we certainly wouldn’t be doing our namesake justice if we passed over this story. In addition to the four everyone knows (bitter, sweet, sour, salt) and the fifth most of you know (umami), researchers are suggesting that the human palate can detect fat as a distinct taste.
The research also found that a person’s sensitivity to tasting fat appeared to correlate to weight — essentially, the theory goes, people with lower BMIs have a higher sensitivity to the “fat” taste and tend to eat less of it.

Good to know science type guys and girls, let me know when we can taste Phat.  See what I did there, its a play on words.  Get it… because The term Phat means Pretty, Hot, and Tempting … like your mom… oh forget it.

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  1. Daniel Puls says:

    As a heavy-set man (yeah that’s what i’m sticking with), i have to disagree… i always know when i’m eating fat, i just don’t tell my friends about her….. ahhh … wait… what was i talking about again?

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