Misses party to give GF foot massage

Revoke his Man Card?

33 Yes
5 No

Revokee: Ryan Cohen

Reason For Revocation:

Ryan gives out a lame execuse that he can’t make it to my b-day party because his girlfriend told him that he has to stay with her for the night and give her a foot massage instead of celebrating my b-day along with me and playing beer pong and poker for the night.


  1. Paulie Be says:

    How’s about a comma or two, Mr. Victor? You’re right though, this Ryan Cohen character should submit a formal request to his girlfriend regarding the safe return of his testicles.

  2. Ryan,
    You need to tell that split tail of yours, you got something she can rub and it ain’t your FEET!!
    John Russell I’m done here!

  3. Victor says:


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